More Extreme Storms Product of Global Warming, Report Says

The Laconia Citizen reports on the release of our new report "When It Rains It Pours," which confirms that the number of extreme rainstorms had doubled in the state since 1948.


Turning up the Heat

Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center received a grant from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to finish overhauling heating and cooling system to a streamlined biomass facility that runs on woodchips, and produces much cleaner energy. The retrofit is saving Crotched Mountain 200,000 gallons of fuel and just under $500,000 in fuel costs.


NH group releases report on gas mileage savings


A New Hampshire environmental group says residents would save about $1 million on gasoline costs for Thanksgiving travel if the average car met the new automobile mileage standards being proposed by the Obama administration.


Scrubber costs won't be on PSNH bills in Jan.

The cost of Public Service of New Hampshire's new $430 million scrubber will not be included in customers' bills Jan. 1. Environment New Hampshire, will release a report Friday naming Merrimack Station as the top emitter of mercury pollution in the state.


Homeowner Installs Solar on Nearby Home

Bipartisan support for solar hot water program, other clean energy programs from two state senators at the release of solar hot water study. Homeowner Barry Krieger and his wife recently installed 20 solar panels on their garage roof in an effort to reduce the amount of money they spend each year to heat their home.